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The E-Commerce Opportunity

Electronic Commerce
Since exploding onto the Internet scene in the mid-90's, electronic commerce has become an integral part of many organizations' e-business strategies. As defined by our customers and partners, we've broken down e-commerce into five separate "categories":

Traditional product storefronts:
These catalog-based online stores, such as, are the most typical and high-profile example of e-commerce.

Corporate stores:
E-commerce storefronts focused solely on selling corporate merchandise, such as logo-carrying uniforms, shirts, mugs, hats, pens, etc.

Downloadable software:
A customer visits a Web site and purchases a software product using the standard shopping cart and check out process, and at the end of the process can immediately download the software to their computer.

Access to value-added content:
Similar to downloadable software, this scenario performs a financial transaction and then immediately allows authenticated access (typically via login/password) to content you've created.

Online bill presentment:
A customer receives an email from the organization (i.e., a cellular provider) alerting them to new online billing information, clicks a link, enters their password information, and is presented with their most recent bill, which they have the option of paying automatically.

Mind Map Media's Solution:
Our partner first introduced e-commerce storefront software, GoCart, in 1997. While the initial efforts were slightly ahead of the marketplace, they have performed a wide variety of implementations in the ensuing years.

Utilizing valued feedback from our customers, prospects, and partners, we have rigorously worked to enhance our e-commerce services. Currently at version 4.1, GoCart incorporates years of experience in delivering enterprise-class e-commerce solutions.

GoCart's features include:
  • Shopping Cart/Catalog Pages
  • Flexible catalog page setup allows for total customization of the look and feel
  • All user prompts and text are customizable so the instructions and button names are all your own.
  • Users choose whether or not to view images or how many products to see per page.
  • View order total amount in multiple currencies (live exchange rates - no extra fees!)
  • Allow for users to lookup their own past orders and link to shipment tracking.
  • On-screen shopping cart option with current total of items
  • Search engine with intelligent queries
  • Shipping calculator is available pre-checkout so users don't have any surprises.
  • "Email a Friend" feature allows users to email links to your store with comments
  • Real-time inventory status for each product
  • Easy check out process with quick login for frequent shoppers
  • Show related products and upsell options

  • Administration
  • Have multiple access levels and logins (data entry clerk vs. controller access)
  • Search orders (by date, order code, customer) and total order listings.
  • Affiliate program built in (allow others to sell products from your shopping cart)
  • Ability to generate coupons and sales with expiration dates and email to current customers
  • Ability to create email lists based on wide variety of criteria for promotions
  • Extensive reporting capabilities shows your orders, keywords searched on in your store, geographic sales reports, product type sales reports, user paths through the site and much more!
  • Easy to Import/Export files of products, orders and customers via Excel

  • Contact us for a discussion of your needs and a custom package plan.
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