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Linking Strategies

We all want Free Traffic to our web site. We will discuss how to build a decent linking strategy to achieve Free Traffic.

The first thing to do is begin thinking how linking is good for your search engine rankings. Even though this is true, to many "experts" seem to forget what the main reason for linking to other sites is to give your visitors extra value by providing great content!

Try to get as many links exchanged as possible with relevant sites. Search engines will discount sites with links that don't fit the content of your web site. But search engines do reward you with higher rankings, when you offer quality content through your links.

How to get these quality links:
First make sure the links are visible. Show the owners of other web sites that when they exchange links with you, they get a chance to receive visitors in return. Don't worry about losing that one visitor that goes to your link directory, you really think he would go there if your site was appealing to him? You may have lost him anyway.

Get a decent link manager program, or someone who can manage links for you. A program manager will help you keep track of the link requests you have sent and those who request a link from you. You must be certain the web sites are relevant today and in the future. Set up a template that has the same look and feel as the rest of your web site.

Make a list of all the keywords and phrases that fit your web sites content. When you conduct a search, look on a search engines first 50 result links for the sites link pages or intersticial links. Ask the siite webmasters to exchange links when they offer an easy to reachable link button or text link from their homepage.

If they have too many links where you will not be found, there is no reason to consider them as a link partner. Remember you are looking to create Free Traffic!

In addition to the first 50 links, look over the Paid Ads on the search engines. If you can find a link exchange opportunity there it may be very promising. Imagine them paying for ads on Google or Yahoo, where you might join them for a free ride.

These simple but effective tactics are time consuming and be very rewarding. Make it a habit to get at least 30 new links every week and you will receive a fair amount of Free Traffic in return.

In the process of gathering new relevant links, you will be providing quality content to your visitors, and the search engines will reward you with higher rankings.

What is Best for Me & My Site?
Since everyone seems in a frenzy to get links to their sites, who is creating linking strategies?

Who knows what works, what doesn't, and why? I'll put my knowledge about linking and online marketing to work for you. I live it each and every day. I'm hands-on building the links myself. I send the site announcements. I know what it takes to get coverage and links in the right places from the right people.

Most people are after links for the wrong reasons and from the wrong sites, as I stated above. There are many companies selling linking services that are 100% worthless.

  • As a general rule try and get 3 new links per day.
  • They must have relevant and on target content in terms or product or services.
  • Reciprocal links are better than no link at all. Are the links from the site a possible benefit to your visitors.
  • A link from an authority site is always a good thing and has value.
  • If you structure your linking campaign to benefit your users, you will not have any problems.
  • I prefer a smaller number of good quality links over a larger number of suspect links.
  • The absense of your desired anchor text tags could effect the value, depending on the text around it.
The relevant anchor text always helps, but a "click here" type link from an authority site is better than no link at all. Check to make sure that these links are in fact direct "a href" links. Many authority sites redirect their outbound links through click counting pages, and you may well get no traffic at all.

For those of you that are manually sending out emailed link requests to other site owners, requesting one link at a time, chances are that you're not going to be getting inbounds too fast.

If you start getting ROS (run of the site) links, or if you use a link builder who is giving you links from many pages on there network, you might get into trouble. So be aware that you don't get banned.

Linking Services Quote

Total Management Service Levels Mind Map Media
Monthly cost $395 $595 $795
Site Max updates per month 4 8 12
Company & Category Research yes yes yes
Competitive Research & Analysis yes yes yes
Score-carding Metrics yes yes yes
Keyword & Phrase Research yes yes yes
Pay Per Placement Advertising [PPP] yes yes yes
Search Engine Optimization [SEO] yes yes yes
Website Structural Analysis yes yes yes
Content Development for Optimization yes yes yes
Link Strategies - yes yes
Price Shopping Sites [PSS] - - yes
Web Analytics - - yes

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