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Sales Lead Generation

Tips for Generating Leads Online:
Your web site will be one of the following types:
  1. e-Commerce
  2. Lead Generating
  3. Combination of each
  4. Branding and Brochure Corporate Site
Either way, it is always about answering a prospect's unspoken questions and communicating the unique value proposition of doing business with you.

Most people do their research online so they don't have to talk with someone. They visit your site, expecting you to lead them along an understandable path so they can find what they want. Every click represents a question they hope you will answer.

Will the design, architecture, graphics and content of your Web site convince visitors you will give something of value so that they become leads? Here are some ideas that we will help you get started:

Be Persuasive
It doesn't matter whether your business is B2B or B2C, whether your sales process is simple or complex, these are tactics we can help you develop as every ebusiness must persuade the visitor into a positive action.

Who do you need to persuade?

What are you persuading them to do?

When the goal is generating leads, you usually want to persuade your visitors to fill in a contact form, download a white paper or demo, register, opt in to a newsletter or e-mail list, or forward your content to a friend.

How can you most effectively persuade them?
  1. The Message Must be Relevant:
    Who is your visitors. What motivates them to visit your site? What problems do you solve for them? What pain points do you resolve? How are your features and benefits positioned. Answer these questions, find your visitors' hot buttons, then push those buttons with a relevant message.

  2. Use Appropriate Content:
    Your customer is looking for specific products or services. Becertain that content interact directly with your customers. Using your customers' language on your Web site not only helps them feel as though you are speaking to them, it also increases your chances of conversions and getting top rankings with the search engines.

  3. Keep Forms Clean and Short:
    When it comes to forms, ask for as little information as possible. You probably want to request all the customer information at first, but don't! The more information you ask for, the less likely visitors are to provide it. Conversion rates are generally proportional to the amount of information one requests. This is particullary true for lead-generating conversions.

    Lead generation is a value exchange. Your visitors expect to get something of value from you in exchange for their information. What they have to provide must be necessary! If you want more information, provide more value in proportion to the request. You want to know if when they begin gardening for your newsletter, then offer a free packet of seeds after they have received the newsletter.

  4. Will They See It:
    If visitors can't quickly make a visual connection with your content, they won't stick around and you won't generate a lead. Your layout matters. Evaluate your page for scannability of "Z" principles, eye catching graphics, and content headlines that "pop" so visitors can find what they expect to find where they expect to find it.

  5. Qualify You Visitor: It is your job to qualify your visitors needs as soon as they land on your site. When you provide a means for them to find what they want and get to it quickly, you build rapport and help your visitors feel understood. It's a process that begins on the home or landing page.

    Not all visitors know exactly what they want. They think they do, but you have the opportunity to help them decide if you know why they came. Let visitors know briefly who you are, what you do, and what you offer. You're more likely to persuade them to become a lead.

  6. Web Analytic Reporting: Test, measure, and optimize your site regulary. Improving lead generation means evaluating what you've done so you can figure out how to do it better. There are specific metrics that you need to watch. That is what we do!
Creating leads the traditional non-web way:

Lets look at a few of the top traditional lead development systems and how you access them cost effectively:
  1. Personal acquaintances: These include your friends, relatives, co-workers and others close to you. Most people know several hundred people.

  2. Referrals from customers and acquaintances: Each person you know, has a similar network of people you don't know. Their reference will be an "implied endorsement" of you and your company.

  3. Business cards, buttons and brochures: If you own a store, you would put out your "open for business" sign at the start of each day. Wear an "open for business" button promoting your product. Something catchy will inevitably create interest. Pass out literature with your phone and e-mail, and use your business cards. Do this consistently. The law of averages says something has got to happen.

  4. Cassette tape or video sponsoring: Develop an exciting cost-effective product cassette tape, it can be used in place of or in addition to a brochure. Once people appreciate your product offering, they're more open to the company.

  5. Trade journal advertising: A well-written and properly placed ad can generate some good contacts. But don't expect thousands or even hundreds of inquires. These publications are read by experienced distributors who see lots of offerings. Yours must stand out in order to compete. Many publications will offer you a press release to accompany your ad that will greatly enhance your inquiries.

  6. Ads in local newspapers: Classified ads can pull many leads if handled properly, and weekly newspapers are usually inexpensive. You can use this method to drive people to your Web site. But be careful with your investment here. Getting leads is easy. Converting them into productive visitors is hard work, but it's a strategy that will get results as you improve your ad skills. One of our skills.

  7. Direct-mail lists: There are many mailing list companies with databases that target specific interests. Creating a good letter offering something free can generate leads. Always drive them to your Web site. We can help you with this.

  8. Card decks: These are group mailings of post cards or fliers promoting your business or special offer. Free samples or discounts always work. Write copy that targets the prospects you really want.

  9. Fairs, festivals and trade shows: Go where the people go. A booth displaying your product offering usually works best to get attention. Keep in mind you're there to create leads in addition to sell products.
Creating leads the traditional non-web way is very time consuming. And the traditional lead genration should mirror the online programs.

We know how to match the two for greatest return on investment [ROI]. Request a free consultation today.

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