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Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]
Search Engine Optimization [SEO]
We can help your Web site to strategically qualify and attract Visitors through a custom-developed organic search engine optimization campaign that is measurable. We will qualify, quantify and assess the value of individual search terms and recommend the appropriate content to maximize the key word phrases, thus placing your pages high in the Search Engine Rankings. We can directly compare your results to competitors' rankings as well. Our studies have found that 7 out 10 Google surfers, 5 out 10 MSN surfers & 3 of 10 Yahoo surfers click on organic listings. Natural, organic search engine optimization is still by far the best ROI online marketing tool. However you must not forget Pay Per Placement Advertising as it is the reverse of the Search Engine Optimization [SEO].

What we do…
  • Analyze Web site content; make recommendations that result in higher search rankings
  • Set the direction and strategy for an SEO campaign
  • Work closely with Design, Programming, and Content departments for integration
  • Manage search engine submissions
  • Optimize various site components including copy, Meta tags, page title/descriptions, etc.
  • Track and report campaign results
  • Perform competitive analysis to help drive future SEO optimizations
  • Monitor overall SEO success with regard to keyword ranking, indexed pages, etc.
  • Professional SEO Program: The Professional SEO Program includes creation and ongoing recommendations of your Web site to maximize search engine relevant content campaigns in MSN, Overture and Google. Unlike agencies that charge a percentage of the ad budget, our flat fee is designed to maximize your return on investment.
    1. Company & Category Research
    2. Competitive Research & Analysis
    3. Score-carding Metrics
    4. Keyword & Phrase Research
    5. Unique & targeted keywords and phrases content for 15 pages,
    6. Content Development for Optimization, 15 pages (build content pages if applicable),
    7. Creation of a local campaign (if applicable),
    8. Website Structural Analysis
  • Initial Campaign Creation $1,000.00
  • Monthly Management $250.00
  • These fees will manage 15 pages of your site. Each additional page is billed at $100.00 creation + $25.00 monthly management; however an additional set of 15 pages will be billed as an Initial Campaign of $1,000.00 + $250.00 monthly management. We work with-in a budget to maximize your ROI and Score-carding Metric results.
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