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Search Engine Optimization [SEO] Process

SEO Process
Search engine optimization or SEO is used to improve your "organic" or "natural" website ranking or positioning in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

SEO is the most cost effective long-term strategy, when implemented properly, to increase web traffic to your site.

We implement proven methods & procedures to get your site top rankings. Here's how we deliver results promptly and affordably:
  1. Company & Category Research: The first step is to gain the knowledge & understanding of our client's business, objectives, goals, strategies and identify relevant tactics will need to use for an effective ROI.
  2. Competitive Research & Analysis: Understanding the competition, their positive and negative attributes helps to determine our objectives. We must also understand the channels of business, product lines, services and opportunity verticals where new business can be generated.
  3. Score-carding Metrics: Next we determine the specific areas of importance like where your site currently ranks as optimized, how many Visits & Visitors you have, what is you conversion rate, and what is your ROI, all as a point of reference for the goals we set out to achieve. In order to score-card our results, we must understand where we're starting. This is most logical way to measure achieved results.
  4. Keyword & Phrase Research: The next step is to identify relevant and effective keywords & phrases that Visitors are actually using to find your products and services. This may be the most revealing phase of the project, as many clients are often underestimating the target keywords.
  5. Website Structural Analysis: Detecting structural and design obstacles that reduce effective search engine robot spiders, is crucial to successful site optimization. We ensure your code is clean and efficient.
  6. Content Development for Optimization: While maintaining your marketing message, we recommend or create compelling content that takes advantage of the keywords & phrase, increasing your search engine rankings, develop proficient Meta tags, and optimize your linking structure.
  7. Link Strategies: We identify your channel, category and products sites and develop an effective strategy for your Web site. We also review your competitions linking tactics to understand their relevant external links, then prepare a corporate strategy to increase your site's linking popularity.
  8. Web Analytics: To properly identify with your Traffic, Visits & Visitors, we must understand where they come from; which keywords & phrases they use to find you; what's their navigating behavior; how effective is your Web site in terms of active pages; and many other valuable marketing, merchandising and converting metrics.
Professional SEO Program Cost:

The Professional SEO Program includes creation and ongoing recommendations of your Web site to maximize search engine relevant content campaigns in MSN, Overture and Google. Unlike agencies that charge a percentage of the ad budget, our flat fee is designed to maximize your return on investment.

  1. Company & Category Research
  2. Competitive Research & Analysis
  3. Score-carding Metrics
  4. Keyword & Phrase Research
  5. Unique & targeted keywords and phrases content for 15 pages,
  6. Content Development for Optimization, 15 pages (build content pages if applicable),
  7. Creation of a local campaign (if applicable),
  8. Website Structural Analysis

  • Initial Campaign Creation $1,500.00
  • Monthly Management $350.00

  • These fees will manage 15 pages of your site. Each additional page is billed at $250.00 creation + $25.00 monthly management; however an additional set of 15 pages will be billed as an Initial Campaign of $1,000.00 + $250.00 monthly management. We work with-in a budget to maximize your ROI and Score-carding Metric results.

  • We also submit your site to niche', vertical and local search directories as a way of generating traffic with long-term ranking potential.

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