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Keyword Ranking and Analysis

Build it and they will come does not hold true on the Internet any more. Consumers canít buy what they canít find. And a website with an unclear marketing message will hinder any traffic that may already exist. You must have a direct pathway to your web site that clearly communicates why a consumer should buy your products or use your services.

The purpose of keyword ranking optimization is to make finding your site easy for users who are interested in your topic areas. By tagging your pages with the phrases that best match the overall theme of your site, you can ensure that users will find your site when searching for content like yours. Choose popular - but not too popular - phrases that best describe your site, and use them strategically within your pages.

To fully optimize a web site, you need to optimize its keywords and phrases so that your audience can find your site.

How Search Engines Rank Sites:
  • Prominence as Expert
  • Frequency of Clicks
  • Sort by popularity
  • Weight or Density of Relevat Content
  • Keyword Optimization
How You Can Affect Rankings:
  • Determine your keyword phrases
  • Refine and combine keyword phrases
  • Sorty Keywords & Phrases by popularity
  • Write a title using your top two to three phrases
  • Write a description meta tag
  • Write a keywords meta tag
  • Add keywords into key tags and attributes, and mix well
  • Submit to search engines
  • Hire an Expert (Mind Map Media) to Manage the process
What else can I do?
  • Targeting multi-word phrases are the most effective unless your product or service keywords are unique.
  • Use word stemming and proximity grouping to maximize visits and minimize content.
  • Find your optimum keywords through iteration, popularity, and WordTracker's KEI.
  • Write a keyword-rich title tag. Put the top keywords or phrase up front.
  • Use your optimum phrases in your title, h1 through h6, meta description, meta keywords, and body text, and link URLs, text, and title attributes.
  • Hire an Mind Map Media to Manage the process!

Keyword Ranking Services Quote

Total Management Service Levels Mind Map Media
Monthly cost $395 $595 $795
Site Max updates per month 4 8 12
Company & Category Research yes yes yes
Competitive Research & Analysis yes yes yes
Score-carding Metrics yes yes yes
Keyword & Phrase Research yes yes yes
Pay Per Placement Advertising [PPP] yes yes yes
Search Engine Optimization [SEO] yes yes yes
Website Structural Analysis yes yes yes
Content Development for Optimization yes yes yes
Link Strategies - yes yes
Price Shopping Sites [PSS] - - yes
Web Analytics - - yes

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