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Web Design

Website Design Services
What type of high-quality, custom web design are you looking for? We design and hand-code your site from scratch to assure a distinctive and original look that is fast-loading and easy to maintain.

From a simple "brochure" website up to a database-driven product website, we do it. We can build a data base site in PHP and MySQL for maximum flexibility and low cost. We also provide web hosting services.

How much will it cost?
If you want a website that is unique and has unique requirements and objectives, we really can't offer "package" prices. Website unique design costs can range from $5,000 to $100,000 depending on a number of variables.

However we have a package for Simple Web Design Services:

Domain name: we will register for you a domain name, You can also select a .net .org .us .info or .biz address. If you have already reserved a domain name, we will use it.

Hosting space: 100GB of disk space, 2,000GB of data transfer per month

Custom design: your webmaster will design a custom format, layout and colors, to your specifications for your website.

Setup of seven pages: we will setup for you seven pages that may have a combination of any of the following types of pages: pages to describe your business, a news page or a page of description, a contact form page, a site map page, and an info page.

Copywriting: our copywriter will write or edit the text for your website.

Of course, if you have the exact text you want, you can simply send it to us. Custom e-mails: we will setup up to 100 custom e-mails,

Search engine submission: we will submit your website the top search engines 4 times a year. We will code the appropriate information for the search engines robots in every of your page.

Statistical reports: detailing your website activity such as the number of individual visitors and the keywords used on search engines to find your website.

Maintenance: six hours of priority maintenance a month. We will make the changes to your website within two business days of receiving the information. Your website will always be up-to-date.

Password protection: the whole website or individual pages can be password protected.

Guarantee: 30 days money back guarantee, No long term contract, 3 month agreement on specific work.

Web Package: $1,750 for 7 pages created + $19.95/month for hosting + $15.00/year url. We will setup extra pages for $150/pages.

Web RE-design services: Need a quick fix, a content change or a new feature? We offer web re-design and development services. Most of these are billed at $100 per hour with the exception of database work which is billed at $175 per hour.

Oftentimes, the solutions our Development department builds are those outlined in a strategic assessment by the Mind Map Media Consulting department.

While this experienced staff of programmers, engineers, and designers focuses primarily on Web development, our technical experience encompasses a large number of operating systems, database systems, and network environments. This range of technical expertise, combined with our in-house graphical design talent, lends perfectly to the development of professional, aesthetically appealing and technologically advanced Web sites.

Our development services include: Web Site Development
Our core development services revolve around the creation and implementation of attractive, effective corporate Web sites. Our award-winning graphic designs and talented programming staff combine to create Web sites that place your Internet presence ahead of the curve.

Web Site Maintenance:
In the age of instantaneous access to information, it is important to provide accurate, dynamic content on your Web site. The Web has become the de facto source for information retrieval and research, so your prospects, customers, partners, vendors, and others all expect your site to be current. To meet this challenge, you can hire the wide-ranging experience and skill sets of the GoTech Development staff as your Webmaster to keep your site up-to-date.

Intranet/Extranet Development:
While having a Web site for sales and marketing purposes is a necessary first step in implementing an intranet strategy, it is still only the first step. Various entities inside (such as employees, for an intranet) and outside (such as customers, for an extranet) your organization could increase their level productivity by having interactive access to information that you don't make publicly available on your Web site.

E-Commerce & Fulfillment
Since 1997, NewTechWeb E-Commerce Solution has been at the vanguard of e-commerce technology. The custom designed site adds significant new features and tight integration shipping, a full-service warehousing and fulfillment solution.

Multilingual Web Sites:
Only 60% of computers connected to the Internet are in the United States, and that percentage decreases daily. While the majority of the Internet-connected world uses English as its primary language, any successful global strategy takes into accounts the burgeoning economic growth in all regions of the world. NewTechWeb Web translation services allow you to reach these markets.

Database Programming:
Our expertise - and strong preference - is to develop interactive applications using a Web-based (also referred to as "thin client") interface. On the back end of these systems lies a variety of database systems, from the level of enterprise (Oracle, IBM DB2, MS SQL) to desktop (Access, FoxPro, dBase). In addition to Web application programming, GoTech Development offers client/server programming and database design services.

Multimedia & Animation
GoTech Development's graphic design staff is skilled in the creation and placement of rich-media graphics and animations for Web sites and other promotional materials (such as demo CD's). In addition, our services encompass full multimedia conversion and production, allowing the integration of rich audio and visual components into your Web site.

Web Site Hosting
Once a Web site is designed, it must be "hosted" somewhere so that everybody on the Internet can access it. The quality of different Web hosting services varies a great deal, and a site that loads slowly or is down often can quickly lead to lost customers. GoTech offers fast, reliable Web hosting to ensure that your site will always be quickly accessible to current and prospective clients alike.

We know both the design and the marketing end to produce a website that meets your needs, budget and gets you traffic.
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