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Increase Your Online Conversions + Revenue

Increasing your online conversions and revenue means optimizing your website or online store to convert more visitors into paying customers. This can be achieved through various tactics such as improving website design, offering clear calls-to-action, providing valuable content, utilizing data analysis, A/B testing, and streamlining the checkout process. By making these changes, you will enhance the user experience, build trust with your customers, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

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Increasing Online Revenue
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Streamline Your Online Sales with Our Proven Strategies

Learn to "Do It Yourself." We help you by setting the foundation and begin building the framework, then letting you take over. If that sounds like something you want, ask us how it works.

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We Are Digital Marketing Online + Training Experts

eMail Marketing + Campaign Development

Email marketing campaigns and newsletters are an essential component of any digital initiative. Communicating with your clients, potential clients, and colleagues on a regular basis keeps your company top of mind, encourages repeat business and builds brand loyalty. Our eMailing service lessens the burdening tasks associated with internal development of Newsletters, Campaigns and Funnel follow-up. Our expertise will integrate seamlessly into your business and help support your online marketing initiatives.

Paid + Placement Advertising Campaigns

Paid + Placement Advertising Campaigns are the reverse of the Search Engine Optimization. We prepare strategically defined key words and phrases that will bring targeted, qualified and interested Visitors through a custom-developed paid campaign that are measurable. We qualify, quantify and assess the value of individual search terms, A/B test advertising content, landing page conversion results, and the cost per click and conversion. We watch for continuity of of prospects actions.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is used to improve your "organic" or "natural" website ranking or positioning in the major search engines. SEO is the most cost effective long-term strategy, when implemented properly, to increase targeted web traffic to your site. We implement proven methods & procedures to get your site top rankings. We deliver results promptly and affordably once we gain the knowledge & understanding of your business, objectives, goals, strategies and identify the relevant tactics we will use.

Our Teams!

Scott Byhre - Mind Map Media Leader

Executive Leader | Marketing | eCommerce | Demand

Dynamic leader of 27 years with multi-channel brands, marketing, and e-commerce, focused on digital demand with a great story of growing a company by 250%. Solid expertise in expanding market share, cross-channel-merchandising, insight analysis, metrics & analytics, SEM / PPC, SEO, Social, ABM, marketing automation, campaign & funnel management, managing global website presence, and the teams necessary to make it all happen. Have led distributed teams with employees located in multiple US, European and Asian cities.

Demand Team Lead

Demand Generation I Marketing Automation | SaaS | B2C

Innovative demand generation professionals with 36 years combined experience and proven success in go-to-market strategies, delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time, via email marketing/automation, data analysis, paid search, SEO, social media, sales and account management. Exceptional leadership, communications, interpersonal and relationship development skills. Educated and experienced in technical and creative writing.

Digital Marketing Team

Digital Marketing | SEM | Website Production/Operation

Approach to the business world has brought this team a wealth of experience, technical skills and growth. Proven track-record of digital marketing and analytical success. Digital marketing business consists of website design, paid search, SEO and social media. Experience with marketing budgets, development of digital campaigns, and analytic metrics to verify current market trends and success . Our expertise expands through various platforms, software and marketing mediums.